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Straw bags of Morocco

Straw Bags Morocco : Everything you need to know

Moroccan straw bags

Essaouira is the Moroccan city of basketry. The women of this region weave by hand these magnificent Moroccan baskets, including woven palm leaves for braiding. The craftsmen of Marrakech then take care of the leather part, black or brown, and the coating, which consists of adding the embroidered handle, the pompoms, the sequins and the handles, giving them a joyful and colorful appearance.

Features of Moroccan baskets:

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 Handmade basket, made of 100% natural materials. The baskets are woven in Morocco. This basket has a unique pattern and is made of grass. Thanks to this material, the basket is sturdy and has a special, natural look. 

Use this large basket as a laundry basket, wood basket next to the chimney in the living room or in the bedroom and create a beautiful interior atmosphere. By using only natural materials, the makers know how to bring peace and simplicity into every basket. As this item is a natural, handcrafted product, sizes may vary slightly from item to item.

We believe that any imperfections make each basket more unique and give it that little bit more character and beauty!

History of Moroccan Basket:

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The craft of basket weaving has existed for a very long time, since the materials for weaving have been available. Moroccan basket bags are made in Morocco and Spain from palm leaves. The branches of palm trees are regularly cut to promote their growth. This traditional craft respects nature, contributes to the tree's growth, and is therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  Today, these Moroccan wicker baskets can be used in many different ways: as bags for shopping, picnic baskets, beach baskets or simply as decoration. It also makes a great gift idea.

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The square, round or rectangular straw basket is ideal for shopping and can be personalized with tassels, metallic, silver or gold leather and a personal inscription in hand-woven wool.

Moroccan baskets usually have a removable liner to protect the inside of the bag. Moroccan baskets, with or without shoulder strap, come in different sizes: The large basket is suitable for running errands or as a beach bag, while the small bohemian-style bag is used as a handbag for shopping. This embroidered ethnic accessory for the traditional Moroccan woman will be your best companion.

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