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About Us

Fondateur Yassir 

My name is Yassir and I am founder of Atlas Artisan, with me my sister Hajar and content manager of our social media pages and the website, I started this adventure in 2019, for two main reasons.

 Firstly, to support the craftsmen who make their beautiful products with passion and pay them the prices they deserve for their time and effort, so I believe with the help of our customers we can preserve this very old heritage that's back to centuries. Which is also priceless, while taking into account the quality of products and materials to satisfy our customers.

Secondly, obviously to live from my passion, as I grew up in Marrakech, I loved this city, each traditional product marked something in my memory as a child, the iron windows of my grandmother's room were attached to different beautiful scenes, the smell of my uncle's leather bags, the sound of walnut wood ladles meant the morning soup in the center of the house, I can't imagine living somewhere else, the colors, the atmosphere, craftsmanship, weather, everything is wonderful, so I decided to create this business here and work in collaboration with my family who helped and supported me a lot from the beginning.